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Personal Chef

Booking a personal chef should be a fun and exciting process. Knowing that someone will be handling your menu, the groceries, the meal preparation, AND THE CLEAN UP, has to feel good. Every event I cook for, is personalized to my clients liking and preferences. Take a look at the process and how I get you ready for any occasion.

What type of occasion?

Sit down brunches, lunches, & dinners.

Knowing the occasion of an event almost sets the tone for your menu and serving style. When hiring me as a personal chef I take in many factors before choosing your final menu. Some occasions may call for a different service such as my CATERING SERVICES. So during the booking process, please fill out the form with your occasion in mind.

What type of menu?

Cuisines, Courses, Tasting Menus, & Chefs Choice

When deciding on your menus approach, I WILL ALWAYS ask you what you had in mind. I know for me if I booked a chef I’d want things I love and may want to try for the first time. So think about your favorite cuisines, how many courses you’d like to be served( most fancy restaurants are 4-5), or maybe you just want to let me take the wheel.

What’s your serving Style?

Family Style or Plated

After getting to know a little bit about you, your occasion, and your menu preferences; its time to find out how you’d like to be SERVED. To me this is the most important detail when it comes to my final menu. I care about how everything will look before you eat it, how it will be eaten based on the serving style, and most importantly how its going to taste. 

Family Style: plating all components beautifully on the table for your guests to build their own plates. This works best if you have a table to accommodate everyone of course. 2-12 guests typically. 

Plated: served in courses and plated individually for each guests. This may cost a little more but the attention to detail and time spent into make plating each dish with my own two little hands will be worth it. 

So be sure to consider your serving style when filling out your booking form

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