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Private Chef

Imagine coming to your home to a home cooked meal prepared by a private chef. You get to choose your menu for the week or even a month. Eat fresh meals daily or choose to pack them up for later. Choosing a private chef to cook for you or your family is easier than you think.

Booking a Private chef should be a fun and exciting process. Knowing that someone will be handling your menu, the groceries, the meal preparation, AND THE CLEAN UP, has to feel good. Every event I cook for, is personalized to my clients liking and preferences. Take a look at the process and how I get you ready for any occasion.

How often?

Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Private Chef services are offered daily, weekly, or monthly. This gives you the option to choose between eating something daily and freshly prepared or re-warming up your freshly prepared meals. Whatever suits your lifestyle. 
Daily customers get to choose a new menu every day by booking one full week of services or one full month. 
Booking by the day allows you to hire a private chef for up to 8 hours to prepare your meals for the week/weeks.

What type of menu?

Chef Choice, Keto, Pescatarian, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Diets

When deciding on menu for private chef clients it is important to think of your family as a whole. What does the whole family like and dislike and how can we meet in the middle. For families with varies diet lifestyles or restrictions it is important to fill out my booking form in depth and to elaborate when booking. I want to make the experience exciting , fresh, and nutritious.

What’s your serving Style?

Individually Packaged Meals or Family Style Packaged Meals

When I ask this question to a client I always get the … for a while. So let me a explain. Imagine getting your food already portioned out individually when your a family of 5. Fridge space may not be as accommodating so, family style packaging allows all of the meals to be separated by protein, starch, vegetable, and sauce. Now that that’s all cleared up, lets get to preparing a menu.

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