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How to Book Online

Step by Step

Booking a Personal Chef 

Day of Booking : 

-Book at least five days prior to your event 

-Explain your event, location, diet restrictions, number of guests, and menu interest

-Receive a preliminary meeting invitation to take place within 24 hours of booking via phone or zoom 

Day One:

-Preliminary meeting

-Menu templates will be sent based on menu interests 

-Menu can be personalized to your liking 

-Discuss location and event 

-Sign agreement 

-Receive service charge invoice 

Day Two:

-Confirm desired menu and we will print them out for your guests 

-Pay service charge within 24 hours of invoice receipt 

-If service charge is not sent by 11:59pm of day two booking reservation will be cancelled

Day Three: 

-Receive grocery and equipment invoice

-Cancel or reschedule booking for a full service refund  

Day Four :

-Pay grocery and equipment invoice by 11:59pm of day four  

-Too late to cancel or reschedule for a refund.  

Day 5 / Day of Event : 

-We shop prior to your event 

-We handle the cooking, serving, and the clean up 

Equipment Charges

What's Included?

Equipment charges cover items that are not provided by the chef or customer. Items such as: serving platters, additional chauffeurs, utensils, and etc. These items are typically rented per event. Rental fees will be added to final equipment charges.

Service Fee

What's included?

Service charge includes the services rendered. This charge does not include groceries or equipment. Grocery and equipment charges are calculated after preliminary meeting.

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