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About Ty’s Savory & Sweet Kitchen

Allow me to introduce myself

Hi my name is Chef Ty Stanford. 

I turned myself from a professional home cook to a professionally trained chef. I have an Associates Degree in Restaurant Management and Baking Patisserie. I have this special love for this thing we call food.  

I originally started baking my special goodies for friends and family, in addition to hosting many home dinner parties. Once I decided to go into culinary school I knew becoming a personal and private chef would fulfill my purpose in life. 

I have a passion for slow cooking  or “from scratch cooking” as I would call it. 

I find excitement in finding locally sourced ingredients and preparing my creations from scratch. I take my time making freshly combined seasonings, sauces, doughs, and condiments. 

The quality to flavor and love ratio is well worth all time spent to render a from scratch cooking meal. 

 I created Ty’s Savory Sweet Kitchen to bring the love I have for the kitchen into your own kitchen. I can’t wait to introduce you to food in a new way ~

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