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Infused Chef

As a versatile chef it is my duty to be able to incorporate all forms of culinary art. Infused cooking is a new and exciting approach to experience THC and or CBD. All infusions are organic made in house with little to no heat. Infusions are made a few ways with many things considered such as; Tolerance, Event, Menu, and Guest Count.

Strain Choice

What’s your vibe?

Not many people realize how important knowing your strain preference is. It can set the vibe of your experience. So, I ask questions like: How do you want to feel by the end of your event. Relaxed, Euphoric, or Energetic.


Beginner to Cannasseur

Next to know your strain is knowing your tolerance. It is important to let me know how often you consume THC, how you consume THC, or if you consume at all. With the help of my handy dandy friend CBD, I am able to properly balance out the amount of infusion consumed each meal.


THC and/or CBD

Since I make all of my own infusions I am able to incorporate the two components or either or. 
I make my own butters, cooking oils, and tinctures. The type of infusions are based on the menu selection.

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